TO establish credibility.requires honesty, this is fundamental if you are a solicitor or it should be, there are some , in fact quite a lot ,who seem to ignore this . Watch this space for some very alarming cases of blatant breech of ethics by some very well known lawyers.
                                          Perverting the course of justice can carry a life sentence ,Two solicitors who were supposed to be opposing each other in a court case actually colluded to manipulate the outcome of the case ,that is  certainly perverting the course of justice ,there is an overwhelming amount of evidence clearly indicating that the two not only colluded but went to some length to alter documents and  a specific line of questions to comply with the documents  that had been tampered with.  The response from all who used the Troubleshooter service made it very clear that there was  to say the least a very disturbing trend in the advice given . One person has taken on to organize a meeting of all those who have been involved , and this could be an opportunity for all to understand what the motive was and to what action -if any can be taken. The Proof of a court case can give a precise indication of how the solicitors involved have handled the case for their clients it would clearly show if collusion had taken place . If collusion had taken place ,would a solicitor looking at the Proof take action ,and what would be the appropriate steps to take . How many solicitors would clearly see what had happened and side-step the issue for whatever reason ,five ,ten , or more from Aberdeen to Glasgow. Full details of all involved  from the legal system ,LSS, SLCC, LSO, LO,the Proof, MP's MSP's and lots more including CC. Lost for words

MAKINNONS LIED TO GRANDA. When the Law Society appointed a Mr Denis Yule of MAKINNONS of Aberdeen  granda thought his long struggle for justice was about to be resolved little did he realize what Mr Yule was to come up with, the problem revolved round a court case granda was involved with regarding a business he had purchased, there was clear evidence that the business had been miss represented in several ways, and four breaches of the sale agreement contract had clearly been broken yet the solicitor conducting the court case on Grandas behalf failed to mention any of  them in court it is very hard to believe this but it is clearly to be seen in the Proof , over and above this it became clear that certain court documents had been maliciously altered and proved that grandas signature had certainly been forged . Mr Yule came up with his assesment of Grandas problem  1. A solicitor conducting a court case is IMMUNE from any claim by a client for "mistakes or errors" made during a court case  this was confirmed as a lie by a Professor Harper during a phone in on Radio Scotland. 2 There was a time -bar , there is no time bar for criminal acts and colluding in a court case altering court documents forging a signature are certainly criminal acts and clearly points to an overwhelming amount of evidence that the two solicitors involved in the court case had colluded to manipulate the outcome of the case, this fact was made known to all the politicians the LSS, SLCC,the Lay Observer, and the Chief Constable of Grampian and nothing was done, several letters were sent to MacKinnons recorded delivery asking for a meeting with Mr Yule and if a reasonable answer was given to some very simple straightforward questions Granda  would have dropped the whole matter MacKinnons failed to reply to any of these letters.  The most surprising thing about this is that the Law Society complaints department were m,ade well aware by Granda that there had been criminal activity ,forgery, collusion ect, but choose to ignore the evidence ,one of the personnel  indicated that it was a matter for the police, Granda notified the police, Chief Constable Ian Oliver who indicated to Granda that unless he heard from the Law Society it was beyond his remit to intervene, The head of the complaints department a Mr Phillip Yelland (who indicated to granda that forgery and collusion in a court case was VERY SERIOUS MATTER) when notified of CC's letter   notified Granda that he was closing the file and would not respond to any further communication!!!!!!
                                 Grandas experience has benn documented in a dossier of several  pages and fully covers all letters and comunication with the Law Society the Legal Services Ombudsman the Lay Observer the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission  two of which state that it was a matter for the Police!!!, Politicians Lord Advocates, Henry Macleish, several lawyers most senior partners, seven police officers including the Chief Constable of Grampian, exrtacts from a phone in to Professor Harper and much more all fully detailed if you wish to see or get a copy give Granda a call on 01561320430